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Wheel not turning when I pedal
Hi. Riding in sub zero temps here and my rear brake has seized for the last three days heading to work but today I started off pedalling but after about 100m my pedals no longer moved the rear wheel. I had a major service a few months back where all cranks, chains etc were replaced. Could it just be the cold that is preventing me moving and if so what can I do to cure it.

Sitting sadly on the bus commute as I type.
No info on what type of bike you have, whether the brake is coaster, rim or disc, don't know if pedals are turning and wheel is not or nothing is moving. Doubtful it's the cold.
Ok. Cheers. It's a disc brake but only the lever is seizing. Once inside for a few hours, it clears up. As for the wheel, pedals and chain turn as normal but wheel doesn't move.
Logic applies here. You say the lever seizes, but the lever pulls on the cable, which actuates the brake. If you pull on the lever but it does not move then the cable or the brake mechanism is at fault. if you can move the brake mechanism by hand then the problem is the cable - water in the cable housing would freeze when cold. So it's not the cold itself but rather poor maintenance. As for not engaging when pedaling it's likely you have contamination preventing the pawls on the freewheel/cassette from engaging, or the springs are broken. If only when cold then you've got coagulated grease/oil interfering.
(01-21-2015, 09:04 AM)Bryanc Wrote:  Ok. Cheers. It's a disc brake but only the lever is seizing. Once inside for a few hours, it clears up. As for the wheel, pedals and chain turn as normal but wheel doesn't move.

So, does the wheel turn if you turn it by hand? Does the rear sprocket turn normally?
I bet it's the freehub. Let us know how things turn out! (That sucks about the bus.)
Little update. Got home and all working fine. Pedals engaged hub and brake lever free. Kept bike in house that night and cycled to work the following day - again no problems. Bizarre. Bike shop collected that night to check it out. All very bizarre. Will let you know outcome.
Problems don't fix themselves, the shop should be flushing out the rear and lubing or replacing the cable/housing.
Bike back this afternoon. Stripped and re lubed. Nothing of any note found. No charge so that was good but still strange.

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