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Attaching Power Grip straps
I was wondering if someone could tell me whether I would be able to fix Power Grip straps to my pedals?
you should be able to as long as there are holes behind your reflector when you pop it out,if not you can drill holes or buy newer nicer pedals
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I would replace the pedals, ideally with these:

but these would probably do in a pinch:
You can take one the front reflector off and mount toe straps. However I like the complete Avenir set up Nigel showed.

I use wellgo 110 pedals as they were the lightest I could find. The Sylvans are good quality too, just too big and heavy for my application.

What I need is shin guards so I do not cut myself walking the bike.:-)
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(08-14-2014, 07:55 PM)GeorgeET Wrote:  .... The Sylvans are good quality too, just too big and heavy for my application...

George, my what small feet you have... Smile I would like something bigger than the Sylvans. My current favorite is not clip compatible:
I wish it was as wide (or even slightly wider) than the Sylvans.
Yeh I have seen you post these butterfly pedals before, but you are almost two of me.:-) Same with brakes I can stop with the original brakes with two fingers on a dime. If I brake the front too hard the rear will come up. Stoppie. Still have not installed the new pads I got.

ANND BTW I am not a fan of toe straps or clips , I got the wounds to prove it when my foot got stuck.
Never Give Up!!!

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