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Mystery twist grip shifter
I serviced a friend's bike yesterday. It is a heap of heavy steel. The twist grip shifters are Epoch Sport. I could not get them completely apart. I moved the brake lever, undid the grub screw, but could not persuade the innards to reveal themselves. I pushed, pulled, and just revealed the head of the cable. I managed to get hold of the cable nipple with some suture clamps (not sterile), removed the cable and inserted a new one (with a soldered end).
It has not bedded in in the correct position.
Anyone know how to get this apart? I sorted out many other brands, but this has defied all my attempts.

I had a similar problem not being able to dismantle a grip shifter. I found an answer here. The shifters that I was dealing with were snapped together and I had to pry parts off to expose the bolts.<br />

I have the same problem with my Epoch Sport shifter. I cannot change gears at all. Does anyone know how to take it apart? Thank you.
(05-24-2012, 12:42 AM)viseth Wrote:  Hi,

I have the same problem with my Epoch Sport shifter. I cannot change gears at all. Does anyone know how to take it apart? Thank you.

Viseth, I'm a new subscriber and subscribed because I saw your problem. I have exactly the same. Did you get a resolution to it?

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