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Wheel rim wear
I'm fairly new to bike terminology so please forgive me if I can't describe a part properly! In August this year I purchased a Shogun metro AT quite a nice Hybrid bike (I think so a least) I've used it almost every day, I commute a lot and with petrol prices they way they are it's much cheaper!
Anyway I've noticed that when applying the back brakes there would be this screeching noise, which led me to finding some metal (I thought Aluminium) in the brake pad. I removed it using a screwdriver (Not the best idea?) and that was that, or so I thought. It keeps happening now, and my braking rim is all scratched, no matter what I clean it with (Soapy water, Metho) all the paint? is gone and bare metal is exposed. All the bike stores have tole me theres nothing I can do, but I'm not so sure. If you need pictures I can get them!<br />

You probably got some sand or small pebbles stuck in your brake pads and they scratched up the rim. That is what wore off the paint and left you with fine metal shavings on the brake pads. Check your rims for any noticible scratches or rough spots and try to smooth them with a very fine steel wool. I would also double check the brake pads for any debris left on them and give them a quick once over with sand paper on the braking surface to clean them up. Finally I like to give my rims a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol to clean off any oil, grease, or residue. You probably can't do anything about the metal showing through on your rims now, but it won't hurt anything. This probably would have happened over time anyway.
The screeching sound may or may not be related. If it goes away after you finish all your cleaning, great. If not, you may need to adjust the "toe-in" on the brake pads. There should be a brake adjustment video on this site.

This happened to me as well, only on both of my wheels. I was digging metal out of my pads almost everyday, it got so bad I dreaded riding the bike. I took the bike back to my bike shop and complained, they replaced to break pads. I haven't had a problem with metal or grinding since, thankfully. I recommend try changing your break pads and upgrading to a good quality.

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