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Installing vintage crank arm
I was wondering if anybody knows how to install a 1980's model Raleigh crank arm. It fell off of my friends bike while he was riding. The square bolt is still attached to the bottom bracket. Any help is appreciated.

if it fell off, it probably has been loose for a long time and is damaged beyond useable.

That said; unscrew the round cap (a coin works as a screw driver); underneath you will find a loose nut or bolt. Put the crank back on the bottom bracket (BB) axle, re-install the nut or bolt (usually takes a 14mm socket), tighten until the crank is fully seated (no wobble).

If there is any wobble, a new crank is required.
Awsome thanks that helps a lot. If a new crank is needed, what style/size crank would i look for.
(06-27-2013, 10:54 PM)jrippah Wrote:  .... If a new crank is needed, what style/size crank would i look for.

one the same length, for the same side of the bike, same interface to the BB.

For example:
is 170mm long, for the left side, for a square taper BB.

Note: some cranks for square taper have diamond holes, and some have square; the have to match on both sides of the bike.

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