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Help installing old fork on '05 Rockhopper

I'm looking for help on how to install a fork onto my 2005 Specialized Rockhopper frame I have.

After fiddling with it, i think im missing some kind of bearings or seals. but i dont know what size they are or how to look them up.

I know the fork isnt the best (since i just took it off another bike that i had), but its what i have now and just want to know if it can be done. The fork is a "Zoom Element Racing Shocks fork" (its from a 2012 xr200 mongoose).

Any help would greatly be appreciated!
Not enough info, but you need a complete headset to start - the one from the Rockhopper may not fit the Mongoose fork and vice versa. The fork column (steerer tube) needs to be long enough with the correct amount of threading to allow the headset to be properly installed, the diameter of the headset must match the fork column diameter, and the seat on the bottom of the fork column needs to match the headset. The shock fork may not have the correct dimensions for the geometry of the Rockhopper , which I believe came with a rigid fork. Take to a bike shop so they can tell you if/how it can be done.

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