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Worn out Specialized Rockhopper drivetrain
My wife had completely worn out her 2011 Rockhopper SL Comp drivetrain. I've ordered a new cassette and chain but have decided to replace the entire crankset rather than order 3 new chainrings.
The current BB is a Shimano BB-ES25 octalink 68x118.
I've messed with everything many times but ever a BB so I'm trying to learn about compatibility.

Here is the bike: http://www.specialized.com/au/en-au/bikes/archive/2011/rockhopper/rhintrockhoppercomp#specs
From what I gather, I can fit any GXP or Shimano 3x9 crankset as a replacement into this frame? Eg. http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mobile/MobileModels.aspx?ModelID=75695

Thanks for any help and advice

Yep no compatibility issues, personally I would go with the Deore chainset
Thanks for your help. Just wanted to make sure.
I've just come across this http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mobile/MobileModels.aspx?ModelID=28019. Which might be better suited. Still the same size small ring but a 36 compared to 22,32,44 that she is running now but never using the 44.

Could anyone advise me on the tools I will need to remove the old crank set and install the new? I'm assuming I will need http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mobile/MobileModels.aspx?ModelID=4062 to install the new crankset but that is all I can fathom so far.


Hi Benen;

You are going to have access tools to remove the cranks and BB you have, and an entirely different set of tools for the cranks and BB that you are proposing. From Amazon in the USA, you are looking at about $75- for discount brand tools. To get the cranks off you need a 14mm socket or 6mm hex key depending on what the bolt looks like, then a crank puller, and finally a tool compatible with your particular BB; probably a Park Tool BBT-22. You'd also use the BBT-22 to install a replacement BB if it was the same type.

Hollowtech crankset use different tools for installation and removal.
Thanks for the quick response!
Oo that sounds like a lot of tools haha. We have a bike workshop at my work but I like to do things at home with my own tools. I'll at least use work tools to get rid of the old octalink because it is the only time I'll need them.
My bike is GXP at the moment so I believe that tool I listed is ok for both bikes and will be useful to me in the future. The new SLX cranks will be Hollowtech II.
Are crank pullers generic or specific to BB types?
Sorry I have no experience with Hollowtech (too new Smile ); but all the square taper and octalink BB cranksets I have seen used the same crank puller.
They are semi-generic, assuming you have no weird components frome companies like Stronglight or TA or Zeus. Those have different diameters where the puller threads into the crank set. "Most" pullers for the standard Shimano size come with adapters to pull both square and octalink or can just eb used fro both (as Nigel wrote).
Before you install the new BB, make sure that the surfaces of the shell are indeed parallel. I was told that this is not always the case. Additionally you could get away with it when using the cartridge type BBs...
The tool you linked is almost all you need for the crank set installation. You should also use a torque wrench (always a good thing to have).
Great. Thanks for the help everyone :-)

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