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worn threaded handledbar
Excuse me since I maybe using wrong names for parts !

This is a used trekking bike just bought couple of days but cant return, the handle is the old threaded one not the new.

The handle bar is loose so I can move the front while left & right while keeping the handle fixed.

When I tried to tighten it, I discovered the nut rolls with minimial tightening, a typical worn thread problem

when took it off, found the top of threaded the steering bar (or goose neck not sure) have loose thread with visible marks of wear, but the lower nut which is right after the washer is OK I can tighten it (and make the handle movement heavy).
so it’s just the top part of that threaded bar is damaged.

I do not know if this part can be changed or part of the bosy and how hard to install/reinstal

Found some recommendation to add foil of aluminum can as shimmer or use threadlock/Loctite.
But worried to use any of these methods as I found how dangerous if the handle gets loose while speeding, I do not know where I will land that time Big Grin

I’d appreciate your recommendation

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