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Are my chainrings worn?
Hi all, I'm in the process of replacing my drive train and need to know if I my chainring/s look worn and should be replaced?

[Image: y08hqdr9mieq27yjtqo.jpg]
[Image: 45vb30gfi9e31zoj7ui1.jpg]
[Image: gz1p2hd13kwe29sxok5m.jpg]
They don't look too bad. Is the chain jumping on the front rings?
Ditto to what Nigel said. Bad rings look like a stretched out U with the points sharp like sharks teeth.
Never Give Up!!!
Nope no jumping, everything actually works perfectly well, however my rear derailleur is a little bent and the chain is stretching so I intend to replace these two components along with the rear cassette but now I know the chainrings are ok that's good news - thanks guys!
If your cassette looks the same as your chainrings, maybe you're not in real need to change it!

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