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Cross Threaded Crack Arm
Hey Guys,

This is my first post. I did read a lot of the forums when deciding on which bike to buy. I decided on the Vitus Vee 1. Now it has just arrived and I already need some advice from the experts as I have very little knowledge.

I am having problems with the right hand pedal. It screws in a little then stops. When I looked more closely it seems there is a problem with both the pedal and the crack arm threads.

The pedals threads are painted black but there is a part that is silver, showing the metal. So I would expect this means that it is damaged. I can also see that the thread in the crack arm is slightly damaged.

I only was screwing with 2 fingers and didn't apply a lot of pressure when it wouldn't go in anymore.

So my question is could I have cause the damage to both threads with only my fingers or is it more likely that the bike came damaged?

Hope you guys can help.


A friend said to try and screw the pedal in from the back end. I did that, it screwed in without and force.

Here is a picture

It looks ok.

Make sure to put a bit of grease on the threads before installing the pedals.

On some cranks, pedals are hard to install because of the crazy a___ ID that does not provide a nice flat surface to start threading into. This is why your friend rightfully suggested that you try from the back side. Thread the pedal ALL the way in from the back side, then remove, apply a dab of grease and thread in from the front side.

Pedal axles (good ones anyway) are cr-mo, which is very strong. Crank arms are generally aluminum which is ¼ as strong.

Also note that the right and left pedals have opposite threading on them.
Thanks Nigel. The thing is I got the left pedal in with no problems. So unless the right and left crancks are different this one shouldn't be difficult. My friend actually suggested forcing it. I didn't follow that advice.

I don't often buy things this expensive so I might take it to a bike shop tomorrow rather than potentially breaking the crank. I guess I am prepared to be laughed at for not being able to screw in a pedal
The left and right are different. They thread in opposite directions so the way that your hands hold each is different - and feels VERY different.
So I took it into the shop and they got a spanner on it. So all is good. CHeers man

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