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Linear Pull brake help
Ok I just installed new Avid SD7 brakes and levers on my recumbent. I used the old cables for now since I'll be taking my bent in soon to be gone over to have maintenance done on it in a few months but for now I have a issue. My front brakes work great no issues but my back brake stops nicely but my levers don't reset I have to push them back out. My cables tight with no slack and I'm wondering if my cable is stretching is that possible? thanks for the help in advance.
One or both of the brake return springs, the stiff wire that runs up the back of the brake arm, are not engaged properly. This could be that they are not hooked outwards behind the boss, stud or hook, at the upper rear of the arms. Also check that you got the other end of the spring, the short stub, in the proper (usually center, if there's a choice) hole at the base of the stud you mounted the brake arm to.
Cable has too much friction? Disconnect the noodle from the brake arm & hold the brake where the cable is retained, check the feel..
I just checked everything you said and I tightened my barrel adjuster nut and my since my cable had slack in it pressed the brake brake worked but had slack in the cable again and I did this 2 more times and had slack both times. It seems like my cable is worn out and is stretching Ive never seen this before. My bike was made in 2001 and I bet it has original cables on as the first owner only rode it around the block 1 time his wife hated this bike so he covered it up and never touched it again until I bought it last year and it still has original tires as well. Im going to replace all cables to see if it helps I think it will my derailleur cable needs to replaced as well. Thanks for the help. This is a nice website glad I found it.
I really doubt that your cable is "stretching". It could be that it is slipping where it clamps on the cantilever. Most likely though, there is just too much friction on the cable going through the housing for the springs in the brakes to pull it back tight. This could be from a kink in the cable or housing, lack of lubrication on the cable, too many tight turns in the cable routing, or something wrong with the springs on the brakes.

Try unhooking the cable from the brakes and slide it back and forth through the housing by hand. You may be able to find the rough spot.

Nothing wrong with replacing the cable, but you may want to get new housing too. But I'd try to spot what is giving you trouble before you just throw parts at it.
Agreed. The cable should not be able to stretch like that.
Could also be corrosion of the cable and/or housing.

Replace both, and lubricate with your favorite thin oil.
The spring pin on the brake arm can go into any of three holes on the braze on lug. Did you put them in the same hole as the brakes you replaced? Also, how far apart art the arms when the pads touch the wheel? The linear Shimanos I just put on want just over 30 mm from noodle to clamp.
Are the levers compatable with linear brakes? They seem to need more travel than cantilever brakes.
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