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Side pull brake problem
This is probably something simple that I missing.

I'm having trouble getting the cable to actually pull. Just off the lever itself the cable pulls fine but when I add the housing (new) and run it through the barrel adjuster and to the pinch nut nothing happens when I pull on the lever. The spring in the brake seems fine and I'm compressing the brakes when I tighten.

These are side pull brakes. What am I forgetting to do?

the standard answer to all questions here is "show us a picture". im guessing the housing has too sharp of a bend somewhere that is binding the cable up.
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Thanks Xray. I'll try and post a pic.

I should also mention that I'm mounting road levers on the ends of bullhorns (single speed style). Beside the constant problem of the brake end falling out I may be attempting a funny angle that's just not going to work....

Also, I have no ferrules on the housing. Could this be causing some of my issues?
How much (approximately) cable movement are you getting?
a) at the lever end?
b) at the caliper end after going through the housing?

Obviously it should be the same unless the cable housing is compressing.
Before clamping the cable make sure the adjuster screw, on the caliper, is turned in so that that winding out will take up slack in the cable.

Also, before attaching the cable, squeeze the caliper in a bit (nearer the rim) and pull the cable tight before finally tightening the clamp bolt.
This will put the pads nearer the rim and pretension the cable.
Make sure the cable housing is run in the shortest smoothest arc and isn't deforming under tension.
Be carefull not to have the rear cable housing section to short, from the bars to the frame, as it will restrict steering. Sad
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[attachment=1995][attachment=1996][attachment=1995]Here some pics....
the ferrule is missing from the lever where the cable enters, this is a small round piece of plastic through which the wire passes into the lever, it sits in the hole through which the wire passes into the lever body and acts as a stop for the outer and is usually supplied with a new cable, especially for road bikes. Your brakes will not work without it, but you can use a small washer as a stopgap.
Your LBS will probably give you one if you ask.
You guys are awesome. Thanks.
i like your bars. let us know how this works out.
Get on your bad pedalscooter and ride!
I know I am being a bit pedantic, but do clean up and plug the hole where your bars have been sawn off, it's not unknown for this to cause an injury.
Yes. I do plan to tape and plug the bars. Thanks.

You bike's frame looks very similar to mine. Mine is a mid-'80's Schwinn World Tourist (made by Giant in Tiawan). What is yours?

The brakes look original; I recently replaced mine with Tektro R559 - long nutted versions from Harris. The original brakes were good in thier day, but not even in the same league as today's dual pivot side pulls.

I mounted the rear brake in front of the forks because the they are opposite hand to the originals, and I wanted to keep using the original cable bosses.
Yep 10-4 to trevgbb, the threaded barrel adjuster is missing and your cable pulls into the lever.

ANND 10-4 to what was said about the bars. BTW thats my idea and I got a patent on it where are you so I can collect. :-))) I just took off the bars and reversed them found my hold and cut them. Looks like thats what you did.
Works real good for me. Kind of a vintage marathon bike.
Nice Bike BTW.
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Yes, the bike is a Schwinn World Tour from the mid-80's. I got it at a Bike Exchange where I work as a mechanic refurbishing bikes for the Boys and Girls Club in Trenton, NJ. Last year we raised almost 100K for after school and summer camp programs -- all from donated bikes.

Oh yeah, it did have a Giant sticker on it too.

That pic looks great. Can't wait to finish mine.
Wow, a $100,000 thats great. Bet lots of kids got to go to summer camp. Good for you.

Good luck with your bike. Suggest you clean and grease all bearings, wheels , crank, steering head, and cables, derailers, shifters etc. Go through the bike and get a fresh start. It be like a new bike.
Never Give Up!!!
Will do. Thanks.

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