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Plans for home Made Paint Booth
Hello All,

New to this forum (great stuff!). I want to start custom painting bicycles in my garage for needy kids and to kill time while I am out on disability.

I saw something that used drop cloths hung over PVC pipe with space for a fan and air filter. I was hoping to build a structure that would collapse (or at least take down easily) in case I needed the space for another project.

I even thought of those accordion gates you see at Home Depot, but they are not high enough. You know...,stretch out a gate on two sides and one on the back and hang plastic film or drop cloth over it. I still need something in there to hang the bike to paint. At least the take down would be easy. It needs to have space for a fan and filter and use an open design. I would love any good suggestions.

Would the fan go, above the tent?
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Sorry if I sound like a new guy that never painted before, but when it comes to paint booths well I am lol. Was thinking that the PVC pipe would be your best bet unless you can find a couple collapsable rolling coat racks. As far as the drop cloth you could use tarps instead?? Show curtain hooks or caribiner hooks to hold up the tarps. As far as the fan you can cut out a hole wherever you need.Open a window put your fan in there and blow out the paint. Well with an air filter somewhere along the line of the tubing????
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
You know...that is an excellent idea. I like the collapsible feature since my garage is small and I need the booth to be out of the way at times. I was thinking of those metal accordion gates you see in the isles at Home Depot, and just dropping Tarp over that. They are made by Sentry. Problem is they are not high enough and way too pricey. The coat rack idea sounds better. Tarps are great idea as well since most have grommets running down the side (spell checker helped me with the grommet word) and I could just hook them up. I really worry about a box fan because its an open motor and I am told could explode. I have lived a good life so I may just take my chances. Right now, I am looking at safer alternatives that wont break the bank. I still need to get a blast cabinet to prep the frames.

Thanks for your input, Bill..may be just the way to start.
I don't even know where I'd put the fan. (or furnace fan and filter) I still need to think about the ventilation issue. Probably not on top, but at one of the ends. If it is pushed back a little, a funnel effect is created which vents better.
I don't think any of us are experts on paint booths, but I have painted autos using an outdoor collapsible patio-style veranda, just to limit the amount of work repairing specks of dust in the final coat. A booth would be great but I think is overkill for use on a bicycle.

Keep in mind that it only prevents minor flaws in the paint, and is better suited for a professional company trying to be efficient and minimize labor costs.

You can do that by picking the nicest day to paint, no wind, dead leaves flying around, dust etc. Even hosing down the area with a water hose helps a lot. Smile

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Yep 10-4 to what KC said. Welcome back KC........

I did a couple of motorcycle fairings outside. I strung clothes lines between trees and fence, used clothes pins to hold plastic drop cloth to lines and some rocks on bottom and violouie a paint booth. Easy to set up and take down..Doable in garage too no solid frames needed.
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Thanks George, I didn't think anyone missed me. I've been busy. Smile

Perhaps the OP should be asking what paint he should use rather than asking about a paint booth. Repairing minor flaws can be very difficult with some paints. The more expensive paints like PPG are easy to make such minor repairs, and blend very well. But if using something like Rustoleum, then you have to be very careful, especially when applying a second or third coat. First photo shows the veranda, primer and base coat, second photo shows after the clear coat (final) using PPG paint. All done in one 8-hour day. You can't do that with Rustoleum.

Always carefully read the directions.

Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!

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