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How does wheel mount to bike?
Someone gave me a Mongoose XR200 after someone stole my other bike. The front tire isn't mounted and I'm not sure what's missing. See Pic) I'm guessing it's the levers that are missing that lock the wheel on instead of nuts. If that's the case, or not, can someone tell me what exactly I need to buy and a good place to get them.
Thank you,
Quick release skewer. Should be able to find that in numerous places. Probably even WalMart.
Check on my link to be correct but here is one brand new for $11.00 (Free Shipping! Also check your length on your XR-200. I have an older XR-200 (parts bike) and I am williang to see what size of skewer it uses. I will write back tomorrow. As it is a little late right now to go and check.
Here is the link ...
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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