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Cone wrenches for overhauling hubs
I'm looking to get some cone wrenches so I can overhaul my wheel hubs and am looking for advice on which combo of wrenches to get. I'm in the process of slowly adding tools to my collection as I start new projects (assuming I'll continue to use them inthe future)

I don't think I need the Park Shop Tool set, so I'm looking at the Park Double Set:


A) Is it a good idea to have all 4?
B) Is there a better size combo to get?
C) Anything else to keep in mind? (I'm not sure what size I need for my hubs, is there an easy way to measure?)

Also, as an added bonus question: do I need to get the bearings at a bike shop or can I pick up 1/4 bearings from the hardware store? That's the standard size, correct?

Thanks in advance
I have a set like this, with two sizes each end:

Not workshop quality and probably not as good as Park tools spanners/wrenches, but I've had them for years and have had no problems with them.

I don't think you need to tighten cone lock nuts super tight in any case, just nip them up. The whole assembly is secured by the quick release/wheel nuts in addition to the cone locking nuts and I've never had any of my hubs come lose.
I have this Avenir set:

As Xerxes alluded to; cone wrenches are fragile. Cones are snugged tight, not highly torqued.
Thanks for the responses, guys. I hadn't seen the style with 2 sizes on each end, that seems like a good idea.

I had seen those Avenir ones, but the reviews were all over the place on their quality. I'll give them another look (and remember to be gentle on them...)
Make sure that no one ever uses your cone wrenches for anything but bearing cones, and all will be fine.

If you are handy with a hack saw and files, you can easily make your own......
I prefer to use standard open end wrenches for the locknuts which means you wouldn't have to get a 17 or 18 most likely.
13, 15, 17 seem to account for about 90% of wheels, but if you don't get a full set, pretty much guaranteed that you'll need a 14 & 16. Wink
I use a Nashbar tool set, it has a set in it that has worked for me so far.
Have fun and just enjoy the ride
Here is a thread if you are pretty handy with torches and such....
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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