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Tange Suspensions and Allen Wrenches
Hello. I've tried searching a number of different ways and haven't been able to find any existing information on my issue on this site.

I need to replace the elastomers on a Tange Struts GS suspension on a Performance bike that I purchased in 1994. I found the instructions online and it appears to be a pretty straightforward procedure (famous last words).

The problem I'm having is locating a 5 mm x 12 inch allen wrench. When I search online, the longest wrenches I can find are in the 7-9" range, which will not get it done. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to find such a tool?

Also, if anyone has any experience working with this suspension, tips and advice are welcome. : )

There is an idea of having one custom made. If you know a good welder I am sure he/she could make one for a certain price??
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I just have an old seat tube that I slide on the end of an allen wrench to get more torque out of it and make it longer.
(03-26-2011, 09:15 AM)Bill Wrote:  There is an idea of having one custom made. If you know a good welder I am sure he/she could make one for a certain price??

TarHeel. Welcome to BT! Bill might be onto something. I have that exact allen wrench and can't tell you where i got it in (maybe) 1994. Probably from QBP or RockShox. It was a common tool on early suspension forks but hasn't been needed in almost 10 yrs. No. It's not for sale. Smile

You will not be able to get replacement elastomers from Tange for that fork.
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
these guys have metric hex stock:


a couple feet of 4140 HT should work great.
Thanks for everyone's help!

Bill: I was thinking of the custom-made option as a last resort.

RobAR: I found the following online:

Is this the wrong part? If it's not the right part, I wonder if there are spring kits that will work with this suspension?

nfmisso: Great idea! I may even be able to find that locally.

I'm visiting a bike shop with the girlfriend today, so I'll those guys what they think, as well.

Thanks again; you guys are great.
TarHeel - that's probably them. I recently got some elastomers for an old Manitou from SFP and must mot have looked any further on his site.
I had a good experience doing business with them and shipping was fast.
Good luck!
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
I believe I've finally worked out a solution in the finest tradition of redneck engineering with hardware I already have. It works out like this:

1. 5 mm Allen bit made for a 1/4" hex magnetic receiver (like those Stanley multi-bit screwdrivers).
2. 1/4" socket (1/4" drive)
3. 1/4-3/8 socket adapter
4. 6" 3/8 socket extension (2)
5. Electrical tape

In case you're wondering, the electrical tape is to hold the Allen bit in the 1/4" socket so that it won't separate from the rest of the apparatus at an inconvenient time.

Now all I need to do is order the elastomers and give it a try. Wish me luck.

Thanks for everyone's help.
We have the same TANGE suspension and need to change the rubber retainer.
Where I can find this retainer?
ok got the forks apart using a 5mm allen socket and a 10" extension. lots of rust, letting it soak in WD40 for a few days probably helped. getting all the rust and gunk out of the allen head bolt is key to having the bit fit in the bolt head all the way. I sprayed high pressure water in there and used a tooth pick drilled into a 12" dowel to clean the bolt head. I like the idea of using a spring instead of the elastomers and the $53 kit. however finding a 1" x 95mm compression spring is a problem. Local hardware places dont have them. i probably will go ahead with the kit but I don't see the seals,washers and bushings in that kit. I am a little worried about re installing the bolts as one of the allen heads got a little strepted.

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