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Need help with FSA BB-6000
Anyone kow how to remove the black plastic shield from an FSA BB without breaking it? I sent e-mail to FSA three times over the past few days and no reply. I guess I'm lucky that I am having trouble with a $55 BB and not one their $300+ ceramics! Once I get the shield off I intend to remove the blue/gray inner shield from the sealed bearing, clean, re-grease and reinstall the bearing shield and then the black plastic shield. Next time I may go with a Shimano crankset! Are their BBs better than FSA?
Hopefully this will help you out...

http://www.fullspeedahead.com/downloadfly.aspx?download=downloads/Install_MegaExoAlloy.pdf . It has the 6000 series listed.

Wow they actually say to use LocTite 242
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Yes, I have read the installation manual. The BB cups and left arm pinch bolts come with thread locking compound on them. Not surprisingly, the manual makes no mention of the plastic covers--other than to say "don't damage them". Too late. I took my right cup to the LBS to get help. They proceeded to attempt to remove the cover from a stray FSA cup sitting on their workbench, they broke the cover trying to remove it. Anyone have experience/knowledge/tool for removing the cover without breaking it? With so many FSA cranksets out there I would assume that I'm not the only person trying to service/salvage their noisy/expensive BB bearings.
can you post some pictures
I don't think there is much to see, but here is a photo of an FSA BB-6000. The black plastic covers over the sealed bearings are the root cause of the problem. I need someone who can tell me how to remove (and reinstall) them without breaking them. FSA has not replied to my e-mailed requests for tech support. Prying hem off definitely does not work!
Can you have a good look at the dismantled one at your LBS?
Maybe that will give you some idea of whether it's feasible to remove without damaging it.
If the plastic is glued in or has some form of lip then it may not be viable to remove it without damage.
Perhaps FSA intend you buying the whole cup/bearing unit and not expecting just a bearing replacement.
See Park website but not really helpful:-

The only thing I could think of is to press the bearing out from the rear (inside) of the BB.
This may push out the plastic shield but ?
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After going over this a few times, I think I am going to have to agree with cycler that these were meant to be a one time install and replace the whole unit type deal from FSA. I'll keep trying to help by searching. If you do not get a reply Monday try and call them at this number 1-425-488-8653 Office Hours 8a-5pm PST. There is a technical support.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Hard to imagine that these FSA BBs cannot be serviced. My low end unit costs $55. Mine had less than 100 miles on it when it started "squeaking" and I broke the cover trying to clean and lube it. Their $300+ BBs have the same plastic shield covering sealed bearings. I will call them at the number posted by Bill.
Ok I did get an email from them and it looks pretty tedious. I will post what the email says....

If you use a thin flat blade screwdriver w/ skill, or our excellent Mega Exo rebuild tool the cover pops off. This is the same design that Shimano/King uses that we have now moved away from. The 2010 BB-6000 has a bearing w/ a I.D. of 24mm (instead of 25mm) and a flat cover so it's the bee's knees for servicing...

All of the rebuild parts can be found right here:

Other then that it is all I have.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I had a problem with a similar BB. I was doing the Etape and had resigned myself to a notchy ride when walking around the Etape village I spied the FSA banner. I chatted to the FSA mechanic and he fixed my bike. It all looked a piece of cake with the right tools. The plastic cover removal tool is like a cylinder and you put it inside the bottom bracket so its flush with the inside edge of the plastic cover and then hit with a hammer and it pops off. Not sure how you could do this with a screwdriver without damaging it. And from my personal experience these bracket seem way too easy to break.

Anyway I though my bearings needed lubing but it turned out there was a slight crack/dent in the cover which the crank was catching and hence it felt notchy.

Ironic I've the same problem now. Can't see any crack in the cover... I feel this bottom bracket should last more than a year and put up with some abuse. And this business of loctite just convinces me its poor design. Never had these problems with square tapered ones...
You might find this useful: http://www.mountainbikerides.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=24:drivechain&id=35:shimano-hollowtech-ii-bottom-bracket-bearing-replacement&Itemid=9

There are some bearing presses available, but they are expensive, for example:


Some of them very expensive:
Good news is that now we are experts at removing and reinstalling the black plastic covers without damaging them. I also found out that FSA sells replacement covers for about $3. I haven't bought any yet. The covers are somewhat easier to install without damaging them than installing. Bad news is that my nearly new FSA SL-K carbon crank started making clicking sounds. We pulled the BB, removed the covers and opened the sealed bearing. The lube inside was clean, pink and fresh. I rotated the bearing with cover off--the clicking noise turned out to be the grease "cracking" like someone chewing gum with their mouth open! I put the covers back on and went for a ride.
That is very good to hear. Sorry about the downside. Atleast all the info I need if I come across one is right here on the site to refer to. To me this website has grown from the professional videos (a couple amateur ones too {mine haha}) to a packed, informative, and awesome forums site! Honestly great to seeing this website rated as a Number 1 resource website for bicycle information. Ok the rating is my own personal opinion Big Grin .
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
"Anyone know how to remove the black plastic shield from an FSA BB without breaking it?"

The FSA MegaExo bottom bracket rebuild tool makes it simple.
It's available online for around $30.

(06-08-2010, 09:41 PM)j beede Wrote:  the clicking noise turned out to be the grease "cracking" like someone chewing gum with their mouth open!
There was a little room when I opened mine up. Some heavier grease (which will not hurt the other grease, by the way) packed in and eliminated the crackling.
20+ years of amateur cycling experience.
Been to cheap to pay for repairs/maintenance so I have learned to do it all myself.
Buy the tools as I need them.
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