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Ruined my FSA BB-6000 MegaExo?
In another thread I mentioned that a simple bike wash seems to have spoiled (squeaks) a perfectly good bearing in my FSA bottom bracket. I pulled the crank (very easy to do) and the drive side bearing is the culprit. The crank is a Gossamer triple and I believe the bottom bracket is a BB-6000. FSA makes so many different models that I cannot tell whether I have to replace the whole BB or the drive side cup or just the bearing "cartridge" in the drive isde cup. Anyone know? If washing the bike ruined the bearing what does that say about riding in the rain with an FSA BB?
I would try pulling it out, greasing the threads, and re-installing. Sounds like the washing may have cleaned out the grease that was there? Try that first before replacing the cartridge.
Thanks for the tip. Turns out the internal sealed bearing was fine and the squeaking was due to water between the plastic shield and the bearing--might have dried out eventually. Too bad I ended up breaking the plastic shield to find that out. I am surprised that the FSA cup/bearing design inserts a thin plastic sleeve between the CroMo spindle and the inside of the bearing. Since I broke the shield that includes that sleeve I am out of business for now. The spindle diameter is too small to fit the bearing without the sleeve. I will call FSA to see if they will send me a new shield. It is a snap fit.
UPDATE: Finally got the covers off, pulled the seals off the bearings, ultrsonically cleaned the bearings/races, regreased and re-assembled the cups. Just got back from the first ride with the rebuilt BB and all went well. FYI--Amazon.com has the FSA plastic covers for $3.
Whew even though I do not own your bike that was alot of worry, lol. Glad to hear everything turned out great!!! Just wanted to share that I was reading out of my Bicycle Maintenance Repair book by Todd Downs and it showed sealed bearings in the threadless headset. The cover is made of rubber. It would be really awesome if FSA had used the rubber covers instead of those plastic things.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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