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Questions on Trek 820 Antelope Lugged Steel Frame
Hi forum,

My 57cm white and blue Trek 820 Antelope Lugged Steel Frame is toast! I'm looking to replace it. Brand doesn't matter to me, but I would like another steel frame. I believe it is 1", but I'm not sure (what does that mean?). Google tells me it was produced somewhere between '91 and '93. Also, I'm trying to learn what the difference between lugged and non-lugged is on bicycles. I'm 6'0.5" tall.

why is it toast?

will you send it to me ?

If you are normal build, a 57cm is a fraction too small for you, a 58 or 59 would probably fit better.

lugged vs non lugged - in modern practical matters - not much difference; but there is more than enough opinions to fill many thousands of pages.

Trek still offers an 820 in the 2012 model year; it is a bit different from an early '90s version - I would rather have the early '90s one.
The main difference between the two are in which the tubes are connected to one another. On the non-lugged frame the tubes are mitered and shaped to the preferred angles and butt welded together.
The lugged frame has sockets called lugs and the tubes are cut , bent, shaped. and brazed or bonded into the lugs.
Lugged frames have long been a traditional method and lug makers could make their lugs quite ornate and beautiful to add something special to the build, as opposed to a weld bead.
In a steel frame I would look for lugged frame built with double- butted or triple butted tubing
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1" probably refers to the headset size. If you get a frame and fork, it doesn't matter much (except your stem). If you get just a frame, you need one that takes a 1" headset or your fork, headset, and stem won't fit. This will limit your choices somewhat. I think most newer mtn frames are 1 1/8"

Seatpost size may be different. Clamp diameter on the front derailleur may also. But these are easily replaceable parts. Most of the other stuff SHOULD work fine, but you never know.

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