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Gu/SiS/Energy Gels replacement
Hey guys, been looking for ways to save more money from buying sports gels and what not, has anyone tried bringing Honey along on rides/audax/ultra distance events?

How did you store the honey and how did you consume it? Im contemplatingnif it would be wise to have a bidon just for honey but cleaning it after is going to be a nightmare

Honey is more affordable here and ai can get away with 20cents USD cost per consumption versus 10usd per consumption on regular sports gels
hello meamoantonio, I have run 6-7 marathons and done lots of long distance rides. The longest was a 6+ months bikepacking trip in South America and now riding long distance part-time in India.

I have rarely/minimally used Gu/SiS/Energy gels. Everywhere I went, I would find a local snack/energy source that the local sportmen would use. In Colombia it was Bocadillo ( candied guava or fruit snack). Then I found another snack used by the "mountain bikers", a candy made with roasted peanuts and panel (brown sugar).

Here in India, I have found similar energy supplements (peanut brittles). Again, I am not racing but definitely doing a lot more miles on a daily basis compared to the races.

Not only are these local energy snacks are cheaper, but they are healthier and very rarely plastic packaging is involved. So, they are healthy for environment as well.

Alternatively, I have also carried panel/brown sugar chunks and roasted/salted peanuts.

So, try the local snacks including honey mentioned by you. I ahve seen dried/candied honey which might solve your storing dilemma.

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