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Numb hand when riding
I have a small problem with my right hand going numb after I have been riding for about 20 minutes or so on my mountain bike. I have raised and lowered the handlebars, but I still have the problem most of the time when I’m riding. Any suggestions?
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If all things are equal on both arms and the same hand pressure is applied to the grips with both hands, it very well may be a nerve issue that you have in the right hand, especially if the right hand is dominant. You might try using different grips. I really like the Ergon grips, which is what I have on my hybrid. If you keep having this problem, you may want to consult a doctor and have the hand checked.
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Yep 10-4 to what John said.

Sounds like a pinched nerve or carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

I got that too, some from pinched nerves in the neck and a lot from using tools in my right hand. Letting go with the problem hand and resting it frequently helps a lot.

What helps , soft grips, thick gel palm gloves,flexible wrist support.

After struggling with this for years I was referred to a MD Rheumatologist. Who gave me a medical food supplement called Therapentin. That helped more than anything I have tried.
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In addition to the above great suggestions - move your hands around, every couple of minutes. Even five minutes in one position is too long.
Barends add xtra position choices, if you do not have them maybe think about it. try not to have a death grip on the bars all the time either. If your brake levers are not angled down enough that can cause problems like what you describe also
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+1 to Nigel and PK.

Getting bar ends and changing your hand position helps a lot too. Get the ones the have several hand positions not the straight ones.

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In addition to the above suggestions, are you wearing gloves with adequate padding on the palm side? I find that my gloves usually last me a season. You can also find a wide variety of gel types at a well stocked local bike store to try on.

Ideally, match the tender area to padding.

It may also be good to do some simple hand stretches before you ride. My hand streches:

- with arm extended, raise hand as if you are asking someone to stop. With your other hand, place on the stop hand fingers, and gently push towards you for several seconds

- reverse the hand position, pointing down. With your other hand on the top side of the downward hand, apply gentle pressure for several seconds.

I do twist my hands around on the grips when I start feeling the numbness and it helps some, my old job did have me behind a computer a lot (will have it looked at). I usually ride with my fingers hanging over the brake levers (commuting back and forth to work about 5 miles each way) where should the brake leavers be. I have looked at the bar end grips, just have not felt commutable about cutting the end of the grip off to mount them. I just ware a pair of mechanic gloves to protect my hands if I should fall but they are not padded (will look into a set).
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The brake levers should be adjusted so they just fall under your fingers extended straight in line with your forearms. So that your wrist is straight. Ergonomics come first.

YE puters are big for causing CTS. Workman's comp will cover it. AS for cutting grip ends , whats the big deal . Look at my bike.

Ye get gloves with tho most gel padding. BTW I also follow the same routine for riding my motorcycle.
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Yes, I like gel padding gloves as well. My preferred brands are Planet Bike and Pearl Izumi. I wish I could find a manufacturer who makes bicycle gloves in the US though. Any leads would be appreciated.

Maybe if you go to a bike store and find your perfect size (they should be very snug on your hands and not loose at all) and what you like, you can ask Santa to get them for you in several days.
I had the same problem as you did with my hands going numb after about 10 miles. I tried gloves, adjusted the shifter angle, brake lever angle, handlebar angle, and I still had the problem at about 15 miles. My friend had a set of ergon GP3's and swore by them. Since I bought them I have not had the problem even on 50 mile rides. They have multiple hand positions with attached bar ends. Just make sure you get the right size for your hands as they come in small and large.

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Thanks everyone, going by the LBS tomarrow to look at and price gloves and grips.
Have fun and just enjoy the ride

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