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Relief from numb feet
Just said I need to post this thread for all people who suffer from numb feet!

I've suffered this problem for a long time now, after about 15 mins into a cycle my left foot would numb up, on climbing hills and standing up on the pedals to sprint off and down on the tri-bars the numbness would get severe. I have tried everything re-fitting my bike, changing pedals, saddles, technique, spent money on physio's the lot. I had come to the conclusion that I would have to put up with this for ever and this seems to be a common problem with cyclists so my research has shown.

That was my story until 2 weeks ago I purchased a new pair of cycling shoes. I got SIDI genus 5 pro's, put in my molded insoles slipped them on they were just really nice to wear and headed off. Found it a bit strange after a half hour I had no numbness in my feet. Up on about an hour I got a slight and I mean a slight tingle on one of my left toes but thats all its stayed at over the rest of my cycle and ever since.

These shoes have given me great relief its seems to be due to the fact they have a soft tongue which helps circulation in the foot.

Anyone who suffers this problem like me to the point where it takes over every cycle should buy these shoes. I'm not promising anything but this has worked for me, the last two weeks have been the best for me on the bike as i can now concentrate fully on the cycle Smile Smile Smile
That is great information to share and would like to say thanks. I personally do not have this problem, but agree that shoes make a world of difference no matter what kind of cycling one does. For instance I had shoes that were like 15yrs old. Yea, about the cheapest one could buy and was the ONLY ones I could do any athletic activity in. Let me explain that I was not all that athletic then so these shoes did not see a lot of action over the years lol. When I got into the swing of bike riding again those shoes had to be retired! I bought two different pair listed in these forums on another post and they are awesome.
Did not mean to stray off topic all I am pointing out is that for road cyclists a pair of SHIMANO PRO ULTRA-LIGHT TRANSPARENT X-5300's (fake pair) work for Lance Armstrong doesn't mean that the average 20mile a day guy/gal is gonna do good with them. For me I use Montrail Goretex hiking/trail runner shoes for everything. So that in a nutshell just because they are designed only for Bike riding does not mean they will be great for all.
Very glad you solved your problem. Smile

P.S. Here is a little link I found kind of helpful before..
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
All good advice re proper footwear. inserts should be considered too, with arch support. If you are not getting enough potassium eat more bananas, sweet potatoes, and potatoes with skin etc.

Its good to roll a tennis ball or a beer bottle with your foot to give yourself a good foot massage.
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