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Bicycle Parts
If I were to build a bicycle from scratch, what brand names would be the best and medium best for parts. This regarding all small and large parts.

Any advice is much appreciated.
(06-08-2011, 08:53 PM)Rama Owhl Wrote:  If I were to build a bicycle from scratch, what brand names would be the best and medium best for parts. This regarding all small and large parts.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Get real.

Brand names don't mean a great deal.

The most important component of a bicycle is the frame, followed by the forks. No matter how good the other parts, if the frame is not stiff, with geometry to match you, the bike is not going to be good.

What is the purpose of this bike that you are going to assemble?

My bikes have components from Shimano, Origin8, Tektro, Avid, Avenir, Kalloy, Bell, TA, Sun, Alex, SKS and many others. Each was the best compromise when I installed it on the bike.

If I was building a bike up from all new components today; I would start with: http://www.amazon.com/Origin-CX700-Cycle-Cross-Bicycle/dp/B004RS0B78/
and it would end up looking a lot like:
The purpose would be for one the experience of building a bike from scratch and two eventually I will need a light road only bike- not mountain. So as a beginner i have no idea what companies offer what parts.

this is not complete, but gives you a good idea of many of the things available.

Keep in mind that build a bike from new parts will cost four or more times what it would cost to purchase the equivalent bike new. Most of us who build up our bikes use as many used components as possible, and tend to purchase junkers for parts.
To me there is a difference between putting a bike together again making it usable to ride
and building a bike from scratch to create a custom bike of my own. Things I consider important are a thought out plan of what will it look like when complete. Is there a balance of Brands, finishes, colors and components." balance and symmetry " in all of these will produce a bike that will look as though it was meant to be. If you use a bunch of used parts on a new frame you still end up with a used bike.
as Nigel stated it does cost more .However if you have the money the results are better, just take your time and find the best deal. groupo's give a bike value in my book. I hate it when a bike company puts on one group shifter another group front derail and another group rear derail and so on..Hodge podge not "Balance and Symmetry"
something to think about anyway.. just do not throw a part on it just to throw a part on it or it will look like it. Imagine that!
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