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Bottom Bracket Type?
Hey fellas, Can anybody tell me first of all how I remove the crank in the below picture...

[Image: 2041c8129071805.jpg]

Second of all, can you tell from picture what type of bottom bracket it's likely to be? I'm looking to remove the cranks & the BB for inspection/cleaning/re-grease or possible replacement that's all.

Many kind thank yous in advance lads & ladettes!


PS: Apologies if the picture isn't the best. I can take more if necessary.
it looks like a cottered crank to me, but the pic is small and my eyes are allergy stricken today. maybe someone else can see better than me and help you out.
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You have to get a crank puller to remove the cranks. I know there's some people on here that have all those park tools numbers memorized so I'll let them tell you which on exactly. It looked like a square-taper bottom bracket to me.

@X-Ray You just have to click the picture to make it bigger.
Hey Si,
Is there anyway you can get upload the picture to bikeride.com instead of a 3rd party website? I tried to bring up the picture on the place you hosted it at and it is not loading at all.
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Si. You will need a 14mm socket to first remove the crankarm bolts from the axle. Look at http://www.parktool.com for a CCP-22 which will extract the arms. There are also less-expensive versions if you don't need a 'shop-quality' tool.
You'll also want a HCW-5 to remove the lockring and then a HCW-4 to remove the cup.
That is a standard, J.I.S. Square Taper on the axle. Be sure that you reinstall the axle the same way that it comes out. Each end is a different length.
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thanks for the tip, nameused. boy do i feel silly now, i keep staring at the little picture wondering were i thought the cotters were.
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Just click on the picture and it will open in a large format. At least it did for me. No need to wear your eyes out. :-))
You will than see its a standard crank with wrenches like Robar said.
Considering the rust I suggest spraying it with a penetrating oil like Liquid Wrench and let it sit overnight.
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Thanks very much Rob, Bill, X-Ray, nameused & George. Advice very much appreciated.

In answer to your question about my picture Bill, yeah, I would love to be able to do that but I didn't know how!! I didn't really want to have to use imagebam at all to be honest.

So far the first two posts I've made with pictures inserted from my imagebam account, two separate people have said the picture is too small & both were kindly informed they should click on it to make it bigger!haha
Ah no problem I think it was my Mcafee total protection not liking the site or something.
But if you want to know how, when you create a thread on here scroll down and there is an option called attachments with a empty box and button you press called "Browse". A little window opens up and you can choose the picture you want to upload. After choosing it across from the browse click on the "add attachment" button. Then repeat the process if you have more then one. If you are using a cell phone then the add attachment is not an option.
Imagebam is fine if you like that way. The problem was on my end lol, picky McAfee Sad .
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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