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Park tool spa-1 bb removal?
Hi I was wondering if the spa-1 spanner by park tool is used for the removal or the non drive side of the bb.
I have easily removed the drive side of the bb and everything inside and found out that I needed to replace the bb anyway so figured I should remove the non drive side as well.

The thing is, the non drive side is like screwed on there real tight.
I know Alex said in one of his videos that one of the sides is "backwards" meaning you turn right to unscrew. I figured the non drive side was this case since i removed the drive side normally.

I'm afraid the spa-1 tool is going to break since this one part of the bb is so tightly screwed on there. Any other tips in removing or should I go to the shop for servicing?

my bb is a yst 1.37x24T, the one side i have trouble with having 6 small holes where this spanner can fit into..

I really need to remove this piece of junk piece...

If the spanner does not work you may try a "monkey wrench". I hardly ever suggest this but since you said you were going to replace it ? Judging by the link this is what you were looking at to replace right? Sorry to asked questions about questions. If you could upload a picture maybe we could help you further.
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theres always the hammer-and-chisel method. definitely last resort, try bills way first.
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i'm sorry i forgot to mention what the link was about

so what you see in the link is the bb that i am removing right now
in that picture, you'll see one piece that has the 6 holes (i have uploaded the picture again but this time with just the piece i am trying to remove)

so since i dont have any tools to remove this piece, first i tried a wrench where you have to clasp the handle to get grip, you know those adjustable ones. but i cant get any grip so im going to get a bigger wrench for more leverage but before that..

i took a flathead screwdriver and a hammer to hammer is slightly until i could use my hand to unscrew it but no go.

i was even thinking of heating up the thing but im too scared for that haha

i tried loosening it a bit in hopes that wd-40 might help but no go for that too.

i think the last resort is to take it to the bike shop but the thing i hate is them charging be a buttload of money for this one piece

as for the spanner i am thinking of ordering, since none of the wrenches or chiseling work, i believe this spanner is gonna break if i try using it. this piece is on there tight.

im going to try chiseling again today but maybe it's the wrong direction?
i dont think so tho but it could be
okay just as an update..
the piece above is removed normally, so loosening is ccw

the bad thing is, i tried the chisel method again and ive broken 2 screwdrivers already haha

im still hopeful since the thing moved about 1.5 inches with the chisel method
Feed a hack saw blade through the center hole and then cut a slot into the cup along the radius. Be VERY careful not to damage the threads of the BB shell of the frame. Once the slot is cut, give the cup a few strong taps. If possible, try to compress it (now that the slot allows it to). I've had good luck doing this as it seems to break the seal between cup and frame and make unscrewing much easier. But again, be careful of the frame threads. A small nick won't hurt anything, but if you cut through the BB shell...
If you have removed the spindle then you can use the "bolt method".
:- http://www.sheldonbrown.com/tooltips/bbcups.html

near the bottom of the page Smile
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alright, before I even read DaveM's post I ended up using his method haha

So i was pounding away very carefully with the chisel and hammer when one of the little holes widened and were able to fit a flat head screw driver.

Then I just used the flat head to get it out...it was indeed a "normal" piece that required ccw motion to get it off.

Thank goodness (:

Thanks a lot for the advise, even though I many not have used it

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