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Newbie with some issues!
Hi Everyone!
I have decided to attempt fixing my bicycle...I have a specialized ruby elite. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to ride it outdoors recently-so I have been putting it on my cycleops trainer. However, yesterday it started to smell like the tire was burning. Then, today...the same thing happened. I also kept hearing something (dragging sound) on my rear tire. I looked at my brake pad (one of right) was touching my wheel. I was able to fix that- but now, my brakes are too loose and I can't seem to tighten them. To make matters worse, that burning smell continued and I looked to realize that there were little black bits all over my floor from my poor wheel being shredded!! What gives?! SO frustrating.

SO- I can't figure out how to fix my rear brake and I don't know why my trainer is shredding my tire- even on the least resistance. It's never happened beforeSad Any ideas, videos for repair, thoughts? Thank you so much in advance!!
The burning smell is due to the tyre slipping on the turbo roller.
You need to make sure that there is enough pressure, on the roller, so that the tyre can't slip.
Preferably use an old tyre as rollers/turbos certainly wear them out.
If one brake pad is touching then the brake needs "centering".
See tutorial:-
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I just took my road bike in the the shop last week because the last time I was on the trainer with it, a crunching sound was coming from the bottom bracket. I first thought that it was a roller bearing and since the BB is new, I took it back to be replaced. Got to the shop and there was no sound coming from the BB or anywhere else, for that matter. We took the bike an placed it on a trainer and set it up several different ways until we were able to reproduce the sound that I heard. It turned out to be that the rear wheel wasn't square on the roller and the bike was at a slight angle in the trainer. I have been using my trainer all winter and this is the first time that I heard this noise.

So my suggestion is to make sure the bike is square on the trainer and that you have the proper pressure against the rear wheel. I adjust mine by spinning the wheel and turning the roller adjuster until the wheel stops spinning. Then its an extra turn of the adjustment screw. Since I do a lot of riding on the trainer, I also rotate my tires every 500 miles so that both tires get worn evenly.
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Standard tires do not always do well on these types of trainers. The compound will heat up and disintegrate. They do make specific tires for trainers that are a harder compound.
Thanks so much for all the feedback. It's all very useful and I appreciate so so much!!!

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