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Back Wheel Overhaul
About to start a complete overhaul on my bikes caboose. After the wheel played itself loose and dislodged in the middle of my morning commute to work! I decided it was time to kick its ass. Doing everything from fixing some spokes to replacing the bearings and re truing the wheel, which will involve the freewheel being removed and replaced. Gonna clean up all the bike parts on the way to the finish. Hopefully by spring ill have my beastly commuter, an 80's Schwinn Suburban, back on the trail and roads.

Anyone with this experience is more than welcome to message me! Forum it up, even if you don't and want to get in contact hit me up, we'll shoot the **** about bikes!

Bike On
Good time to go through your bikes. While servicing your hubs and wheels it is also a good idea to service the steering head and crank bearings. Clean and grease all bearings . Take photos and notes as you disassemble. Also clean and lube moving parts like brakes levers, arms and cables and deraileurs and their cables. Give your bike a fresh start for the spring.

Also clean off rust and wax frame.
Never Give Up!!!

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