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X9 Derailleur Overhaul
Hi all,
I've been giving my entire bike an overhaul bit by bit over the weekend and am up to the rear derailleur. Most things have been no problem so far. I'm just curious on the best way to go about it. I've dismantled the derailleur. Most things I have cleaned in Kerosene (chain, cassette etc.) and then rinsed in hot water, dried, re-assembled and put pack on the bike but my jockey wheels have a cartridge bearing and I'm not sure if u can just dunk them in kerosene and attack with a toothbrush? I don't want to do any damage.


Get yourself a bike degreaser (citrus-based is better, since it doesn't smell so much)

You're right, don't put plastic or rubber parts in kerosene, it will dissolve it fast!

Don't forget to put some light oil around the bushing or bearing inside the 2 jockey wheels and tighten the bolts with a torque wrench if possible...
Sweet, cheers for the response. I should have waited. I scrubbed them with a toothbrush and kerosene and rinsed them thoroughly afterwards. Next time I'll use degreaser instead.
No big deal for a first time... If you don't let them soaked in kerosene for a couple of days, and instead rinsed them with water after cleaning, it's better than nothing...
That's what I thought. Thanks so much. You've been a great help! I've set myself so many tasks and am also building my wife a roadie from scratch, so I've got a lot to learn and will probably be a nuisance on this forum for some time to come haha
Forums are great to learn new things or coaching with new techniques!
Yeah! This forum has been amazing so far!

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