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Best strategy for refurbing a campy hub
I've got a 1980 campy record front hub spoked up (36h) to a matrix iso rim in a
four cross weave that I'd like to hold onto so that means new cones,axles and races.

If I purchase these Ala Carte it's going to add up quickly, so I was thinking of getting another hub via ebay and pulling the guts.

The key compatibility concern is whether the races will fit.
Is there a reference somewhere so I can see what range of hubs I can use ?

You shouldn't need a new axle when refurbishing a hub.
New balls probably but check out the condition of the cones before buying.
If still nice and shiny then just balls needed.
Search the web for prices and also try Utube for videos of Campagnolo (Campag' or Campy).
Ride hard or ride home alone!
Thanks for the tip.
I guess I was jumping the gun assuming that the cones and races would both
be shot after 25 years (last repacking ~ 5 years ago).

There is still the question; If I need cones and races what hubs besides a direct replacement would yield usable parts? The old campy catalogs use a different part # for the front/rear cones and races.
Run a ball point pen around the races. This will let you feel any minor pits in the race that you may visually overlook. Check the axle to make sure its not bent. Pull it out and run it across a flat surface. Watch it roll to determine its straightness. I alway replace the ball bearings, just cause its a definite, semi cheap way to know your ball bearings are true and round.

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