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Changing rear wheel skewer
The rear wheel skewer on my MTB snapped and I've had to replace it.

I didn't seem to have any problem changing the skewer, but not that I have the wheel back on it seems to have a bit of a wobble on it.

I've tried tightening up the skewer, but in order to remove the wobble I have to tighten it so much that I can't then close the quick release.

What am I getting wrong?
What kind of hub have you?
What make of skewer?
Is it the same as the one that snapped?
There maybe something else that's gone wrong causing the original skewer to break.
Possibly a bent or snapped axle.
Ride hard or ride home alone!
Thanks for your reply cyclerUK.

The hub is an open bearing design that came with the bike - a bottom end Saracen model.

The new skewer isn't the same (it's made by Outland), but it claims to be universal fitting.

I fear you may be right about the axle. I didn't really have time to inspect it properly when I fitted the new skewer. I'm pretty much new to cycle repair but I'll have a look at the axle.

I guess I might need to take it in to the shop, but I had hoped to be able to repair it myself and save some money.
If you are taking it to a Shop then they should help ya out in your needs. Sometimes you have to watch the "universal" claims! Wink If possible I do try to steer clear of those and go with the same size same make part. BUT soemtimes we do what we have to do.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
By "wobble" do you mean the the rim isn't straight or that the rim can be moved side to side ("play"). Neither is really related to the skewer. If you have some play in the hub bearings (side to side movement) you should adjust the hub. Jamming the skewer overly tight to try to take this out is just going to break the skewer.
as CyberUK said, I am betting on a bent or more likely broken rear axle. Easy and inexpensive to replace, especially for non sealed bearings.
My rear wheel seems to have a problem... the wheel is true, but the cassette/freewheel and disc seems to wobble while the wheel is spinning, causing the disc touching the brake pads... and every time after i used my bike, the rear wheel was not centered on the seat/chain stays, it was slightly moved to the left but hopefully not rubbing the frame... what do you think are the problems? what could be the solution?

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