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rear wheel for 26" cruiser
I need a new rear wheel for a 26" firmstrong one-speed bruiser cruiser. I didn't realize there were so many different kinds. Can anyone tell me the axle size. I know it is 36 hole and it is a coaster brake but I don't know the axle size or gauge of spokes. The side of the tires says (557-59) 26 x 2.125. Can anyone give me some advice?
You just need any coaster hub wheel the same size.

The axle size should be 3/8". They don't typically have different sizes for rear wheels of this type.

Measure your dropouts across to the find the OLD (over locknut dimension). Typically, I think this style of bike is 124mm. That would be the OLD of the hub your wheel will need.

That number is the ISO/E.T.R.T.O.

557 tells the diameter of the wheel and 59 means that the wheel's inner diameter is 59mm. This is a reference for the range of tires you want/need for your bike. Ideally, the wheel you get will want to match the 557 exactly, but can spare the 59 portion a little bit if absolutely necessary.

The only other thing you might want to make sure to check is that the cog is the same in the back as the one you had. If it was a 16T you'll want a new coaster wheel with a 16T. You can always have a bike shop replace it, but this wants to save you time and trouble.
So, your ride's got those 26" wheels, a coaster brake, and 36 spoke holes, right? The axle size is usually like 3/8 inch (around 9.5mm) - pretty standard stuff.Cruiser bikes like yours usually roll with 14-gauge spokes. Just make sure that new wheel's got that coaster brake hub
Of course you could get a different wheel, for example an alloy wheel. If you use a different type of brakes, you need to install them. Stick with 26 inch.

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