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What is this Miyata? Cannot find frame reference?
I picked this frame up from a friend that was going to throw it away after a boched fixed gear project. I have looked all day trying to find a point of reference, but there just isn't that much information on the Miyata frame identification. Just trying to figure out if it's worth throwing some dollars at to make a decent road cruiser to get around town. I'll post some pictures in a bit, but it's missing most of the paint. Gonna be a project either way.

Some of the general info:
appears to be triple-butted CroMo frame
the paint that is there is the teal/cream color combo, with some kind of barely visible artwork on the downtube.
only markings on the frame other than the square Miyata badge up front is the frame number C172890, which has returned no results in my quests for an answer.

If anybody has any knowledge of what this thing may be, please let me know. I have several other projects going on, but I would like to get this one rolling once I figure out what I'm working with. Essentially all original components are gone other than the front fork, headset and bars.
Thanks a ton.
Miyata bikes were excellent. If its a tripple cro-mo its a good frame.Here is some info HTH.


Never Give Up!!!
[quote='GeorgeET' pid='11009' dateline='1285036371']
Miyata bikes were excellent. If its a tripple cro-mo its a good frame.Here is some info HTH.



Thanks George. I found the catalogs earlier today, and so far they have helped me narrow it down (by serial #) to a '74. Still not sure which model? Hoping for a 1000 or ProTeam. Everything I have read about the Miyata frame makes them sound a bit legendary, so I guess it's time to start dumpster diving and watching out on ol craigslist to get this thing put together. Ready to paint itSmile
Unless the old paint is very bad, I would clean and polish it and keep it original. Photos??

It may be cheaper to buy a used bike with proper size components and transfer them. Than buying parts individually.

AS far as narrowing it down compare paint and markings with models in catalogs.
Never Give Up!!!
The paint is SHOT! There's barely any left to speak of, but the surface rust comes off easily and doesn't seem to be in any of the welds or having any structural effect. I just ran into a tree on my mountain bike about an hour ago and broke that... the projects never end. I hope these photos are viewable and somebody can id the frame for me. Thanks again.

Your face book requires sign in. There is lots of painting and refinishing info on this site. Do a search. Chemical stripers like zip it gel and others work very well on metals. But rust sets in quickly, so prime coat ASAP.

This site accepts photos. click preview post to get photo option.

Good luck fixing the three you broke.:-))
Never Give Up!!!
Thanks for the tips. I have marginal experience with painting cars, so I figure it should be easy enough to paint a frame with my paint gun. pictures posted!
Wow , ye I guess the paint was mostly striped . Check the frame and handlebar very carefully with a good light and a magnifier for cracks and deep scratches on the handlebar.I see a pressed section on rear tube stays. Make sure its not damage. It is a large frame, looks like a 25" C BB to top seat post. Looking at the wheel stays I see it does not have a hanger for the derailer and uses a axle hanger. so its most likely not top grade. (not sure about 74) Make sure it fits you before you do a lot of work on it.

I can see the PO set the steering stem very low, it was to big for him.

KCSteve posted some painting and striping info. Search this list. He used this striper.

Never Give Up!!!

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