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Downtube Shifters on 1991 Miyata 721

I am trying to fix up my 1991 Miyata 721 and part of those repairs involves the shifters. The old shifters broke off and now all there is is a simple hole thru the downtube of the frame without any kind of threading. I got some new downtube shifters (Shimano SL-A500) but have had no luck finding the bolt-on bosses. I've also looked at getting some clamp on shifters but most look to be 28.6mm and mine roughly measures to around 32mm.

The shifters should look like this: https://simplicityvintagecycles.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/miyata_721_05.jpg

Thank you all.
Hello there.
From what I understand, you will need a downtube shifter mount. Yours has to be 31.8mm.
(06-05-2020, 01:37 PM)G_M Wrote:  Hello there.
From what I understand, you will need a downtube shifter mount. Yours has to be 31.8mm.

Damn, I was trying to avoid using this kind of bulky and plastic mount but from the looks of it I might have to. Have not found anything else suitable. Thanks for your help.

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