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Something broke
I was given this bike in February. The last bike I had was many years ago. I now ride everyday and have for a few months. Today, while kicking it up a bit to pass someone while I was in the highest gear, something on the bike went OUCH and now it's broken. I am bike part ignorant, so maybe someone can tell me what is busted, what it takes to fix it, how much I can expect it to cost at a shop. I love biking and want this back ASAP, but would like to start the knowledge base so I can talk the talk when I go to the shop on Thursday. They are closed Wednesdays. Sad Thanks for any info!



Well I am 100% positive on this, but I do know that the bearings are pretty much toast. The retainer washer on that is flanged on the cone nut has given out and and it is probably cheap chinese made. If you notice the grease and probably from the feel it would be like hardened syrup from not being changed since the bike came from the manufacture. Hopefully none of the bearings split causing damage to the threads of the axle and inner bearing hub race.
Worse case scenario you will need a wheel replacement. Least damaged just new bearings. cone nuts, and grease job. While you are at it you should have the whole bike looked over as in the rest of the bearings or this may happen with other components. As far as price I really do not know.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
The axle is broken and you will need a new one, plus bearings.
If you intend to replace it yourself, dismantle and take the parts to your LBS so they can supply the same ones, also check inside the hub to see if the hub bearing cup is damaged, if so, you will need a new wheel, as these are not replaceable.
When refitting, make sure the locknut and cone spacing is the same as your old one, and lock up the right hand (drive side) locknut very tight, then carry out final bearing adjustment on the lh side.
My LBS charges £15 inc parts to replace an axle and bearings (basic wheel)
I took it into Bikes On The Drive located on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. Dropped off at 4pm, picked up a little after 6pm. They did a Rear Hub Overhaul, installed a new axle, total cost $50 after taxes. I've had a few items taken care of at that shop, and they are always fast and friendly. I was expecting to be without the bike until next week, so I am very happy and tipped them accordingly. I was also expecting a considerably higher cost, as I gave them the option of simply replacing the wheel if their repair ideas would not be a long-term fix. Thanks to the folks here for their replies.
Very cool that you are on da road again. Sure would like to see photo of axle. Never seen one break, especially a solid bolt on axle. Unusual. Strange set up too, not sure how tension would be adjusted with the dust cap like that and no way to hold bearing cup and lock the outer nut.
What kind of bike is that?
Never Give Up!!!
Very happy that you are back on the road Smile. Do note that where I said I was 100% positive I mean to say I was NOT that much positive lol. Great to hear to hear though
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
glad your back on the road, hope my LBS doesn't see this, at $50(£32) it's more than twice what they charge.
It is a standard axle/hub as used on millions of bikes at the budget end of the market, they tell me they see many like this, and on almost new bikes, too.

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