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Derailer has snapped off from frame
Below are some pictures of my broken bike, the derailleur has snapped off from the bike.

It is a newly purchased 2nd hand QR Lucero carbon fiber tri bike.

I was changing into 1st when the bloody thing just went up into the spokes and snapped off.

Looks like a nightmare to fix as it seems to be part of the frame or can it be welded.

I will take it to a bike shop tomorrow but if I could get a heads up on what maybe required it would be great. I feel like ill need a new frame as the whole thing seems attached. And thus have wasted $1500.

Any Advice Appreciated.

Ian Doherty
This is a frequent problem with all bikes, alloy frames use a replaceable drop out so I would suspect that the frame maker for yours will have some system to replace this, try contacting them direct.
I agree with with trevgbb. I think it may be just a case of getting a new replaceable drop out. I have heard one story where the derailleur snapped off and cut the carbon fiber seat stay. That may just be some urban legend, but if it is true, you may have gotten lucky. Take it to the shop and see what they think. I would make sure they look at the spokes as well to check for damage.

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