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Cannot select small front chainring
Hi any help would be appreciated. I cannot get the derailleur to move enough to get the chain onto the small front chainring. It will however go over if I ease the cage with my thumb. I have gone thru the set up video, and am sure I have the height and angle of the cage correct. The stop has been loosened right off to the extent that the cam is now hard onto the pivot assembly i.e. no restriction from the stop screw (see photo - gap between stop screw [nearest frame] and cam). The cable from the index shifter is very slack at this point. There is plenty of tension in the spring that pulls the carriage across, it is the body of the pivot assembly that is stopping the carriage from going across any further, if it wasn't for this I'm sure all would be fine. All other gear selections are OK. There is no damage to the bike that I can see and very little mileage has been done as its a new bike, if fact it has always been like this since purchased - don't ask why it wasn't taken back to the shop (Halfords).

If the cable is slack (disconnect to make sure.) and the stop screw is right out.
Then it's got to be the derailleur itself.
Inspect it for damage or being bent.
Work it a few times and spray with something like WD40. It could be a tight pivot.
Make sure it's not rubbing against the frame
Ride hard or ride home alone!

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