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Adapt to training machine
I was very happy to find this site. I also hope you can help me. I have two mountain bikes both have the standard bolts and shafts on both front and back. I would like to change them to quick release levers so they can be used with a Training machine. How do I change them to quick release? Do I need to change out the whole hub to do it?

Thank you so much for your help!

■Alex on April 5th, 2010 9:31 am
Hi Annette,

I don’t know what kind of trainer you have, but most I know of have their own quick release skewer, so all you have to do is remove your front wheel and mount it into the trainer. The back wheel usually just sits on the rollers. If not, post a photo of your trainer to the help forums so we can see what you’ll need.

Solid axles can be converted to quick release axles by changing the axle (requires a hub overhaul and a replacement hollow axle and quick release skewer).

The trainer comes with the quick release skewer, but you attach it to the rear wheel. After watching several videos and reading posts I figured out that I could replace the axle with a hollow one. I also found a site that sells them and shows how to measure and find the right length. I have ordered one and grease so I can re-grease the bearings, which look good. The bike is old but hasn't been ridden much.

Thanks for the help!
Good luck! overhauling a hub bearing is not difficult, just a bit messy. You will also have to remove the cassette first.
OK I have received my new axle and have found that the thread count of my old axle has a thread count of 28 TPI and the new axle is 1 mm. I am not sure my old cone will fit on the new axle and I am wondering if I need a new wheel or hub to solve this problem? Which would be the better way to go on a tight budget and little know how?

I also have not been able to remove the old cassette, I also have the tool to do that on the way as well, to get to the bearings on that side. Will I need a new freewheel and freehub too? If I buy a new wheel are those included with it?

I will attach pictures so you can see what I am dealing with.

I am waiting for the cone wrench to remove the cone from the axle.

If I buy a new hub, I will need to detach and reattach to the new hub all the spokes correct?

I think I bit off a bit more than I expected with this project.

All suggestions and comments are much appreciated.

Thank you,
Maybe a bit late but did you try the old axle in the trainer at first?

1) Your cogs are a "freewheel" not a cassette.
2) Choice - take your new axle to your local bike shop and ask for cones, spacers and nuts to fit.
3) Or buy a complete axle assembly (take wheel with you so they can see it)
4) A new hub will require removal and re-attachment of spokes and truing up.
5) you don't have to remove the freewheel to fit new bearings and spindle.
(you've taken the old one out so the new is a reverse procedure).
The only thing is you will have to fit the drive side cone, spacers and nuts first before inserting into hub. The ball race can go in first, with grease, and then the spindle slid in.
IMPORTANT:- This will require fitting at the correct distance from the spindle end to make sure the quick release functions properly, ***

The other side race, cone etc is then fitted, adjusted and tightened.

For example assembly:-
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