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Any Raleigh Chopper owners on the forum?

Just wondered if any members own a Raleigh Chopper?

I never had one as a kid, I had a green striker instead and I think I am getting a bit nostalgic as I keep looking on ebay at them, although the prices seem to have gone through the roof on the MK1 and MK2 models.

I've always liked the black one with the prismatic stickers but getting hold of one in good condition for reasonable money now seems a tall order.
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Those are really nice, but I used to have a Scwhinn Grey Ghost 3spd. I remember seeing one of these as a kid.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Nice bike for sure as kids we never did know how to take care of them did we lol. So you going to get you one asap. I had a Schwinn stick shift I think it was a 5 speed or it could have been a 3 speed man was that bike ever fun to ride its a wonder I am here today the stuff I did with it lol. Mine was Green that part I do remember.
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.
The term "chopper" wasn't widely used until after the 1969 movie "Easy Rider" was released. Peter Fonda rode a motorcycle chopper as Captain America. The movie mainstreamed choppers. By then I was "into" cars and motorcycles.

In 1963, '64 0r '65, I had a "Stingray" look-alike, single-speed, ape hangers, and a "Tiger upholstered" banana seat. Sorry, I don't recall who made it. The tiger seat was likely due to getting it in Columbia, Missouri where the University of Missouri football team was/is the Missouri Tigers. I think it might have cost close to $50 at the time. Stingray was the popular Schwinn banana-seat bike, named after the popular Corvette Stingray of the period.

Sure wish I still owned the bike even if it wasn't a name brand bike. (tip-toe-ing through the past) Smile If anyone is granting wishes, I might as well wish for a Corvette Stingray instead. Big Grin

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and how about this:-

I hope to meet up with Mick on one of the days.

JOGLE = John O' Groats to Lands End. (nearly a 1000 miles).!
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Cheers for the links Cycler, looks awesome especially that little trailer he got on the back of the chopper.

Was looking on ebay last night, came across this.


10 Speed chopper, I never knew they made them, thought they were all 3 speed,

Check the starting price too, it seems a bit rich for my liking, although no doubt it is a collectible bike.
Cannondale, handmade in USA............................................Refined in Surrey, England.
- Cannondale F500, Kona Blast, Kona Caldera-
Hi surreypete, you need to come to Billing, Northampton first weekend in June there will be over 300 chopper guys there, with bikes for sale. A great weekend.
Plus post a want ad at http://www.customcycles.info and someone will be able to get you a bike for the price you have in mind.
cheers qwerty5oo

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