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Got some tools in the mail today!
I got a few things I ordered off amazon today.


building up a good set of tools. Now i just need a good shop to keep them in.

Got the headset remover, also got the bottom bracket cup wrench.
and just for the heck of it i got the magnetic bowl.
Nice purchases, you'll get a lot of use out of those!
Yeah very sweet!
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I used the crap out of that wrench already. The headset remover turned out to be the wrong one though. They sent me the RT-2 instead of the RT-1 by mistake. So I just emailed them about that. The bowl is awesome. I was testing it from different angles seeing how far I could throw bolts into it without them flying out.
Nice tools! Yeah I bought some recently from Amazon as well. They sent a Cyclone Chain Cleaner, chain, and FR-4 Freewheel tool via USPS but it evidently went to a neighbor's house. Amazon's tracking showed it was delivered but it never made it to me. Amazon was very good about resending via UPS this time and it finally arrived.
Junkyard Tools rescued from the junkyard!
Ebikestop.com has not responded to my email yet about the headset remover. Not sure why. Hopefully they will be able to send me the right one. They are advertising that the RT-2 will fit all headset sizes, it actually only fits the 1&1/4th and 1/5.
Alright! They just emailed me and let me know they were sending out the RT-1 to me on Monday. Thats Top Notch service right there. They did not even mention me having to return the other tool. Might I be able to keep this one? That would be an added bonus.
Hehe, who knows you may just well. Park is awesome tool. Got a few myself recently.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Park is the Shimano of the tool world. They are the 600 pound gorilla of bike tools. It's hard to go wrong with Park.
Dedicated scholar of bicycles
this are my new park tool Tw-2 and park tool SBS-1 Socket and bit set
and this is my project My 2001 Specialized S-WORKS M4 HARDTAIL
That looks like it's going to be a fun project.
oh yes i install my headset cane creek S3 and my rock shock pilot xc and a ritchey 4axis stem also i got a Specialized rockhooper com im taken the parts to build this frame
Tino nice set of tools, and very nice frame! I have a question about the HCW-11, what is the other side for?
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Dear Lord, what a nice frame. I have questions though.

1. Are you going to leave the steerer tube uncut, and use spacers above the stem?
2. Is that your PVC crown race setter on the coffee table?Big Grin
3. It doesn't look like there is a place for a derailleur hanger or stops for the derailleur cable. Is this a single speed frame?
Dedicated scholar of bicycles
him jr i cut the steerer tube oready and the pvc is my crown race setter and the coffe table is my work bench the frame have stops for the derailleur cables i need to istall the derailleur hanger too is going to b a 3x9 speed also im going to install disc brakes
I have a feeling this is going to be a VERY nice bike.
Dedicated scholar of bicycles
thanks bill i don't have the tool http://www.parktool.com/products/detail.asp?cat=17&item=HCW-11 but here is the website so you can take look sorry
Ohhh says right there the older slotted bottom brackets!
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
i but this spin doctor headset press for 37.99 sale and this is my home made crown race setter 11" inch long 1 1/4 pvc pipe for 1 1/8 steerer tube

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