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Velotric Discover 1
I wanted to let the group know I purchased two Velotric Discover 1 bikes. I received my first bike in four days. My gray Velotric Discover 1 came with a scratch on the frame. I contacted the company, and their response was to offer me $30 then $50 to keep the bike. I stated I wanted a new bike. I was told it would take six weeks and I had to pay a $200 restocking fee? All I wanted to do is get an undamaged bike! I've sent them numerous emails and made phone calls. So far, I cannot even get a return shipping label, the company just ignores me, it's been a nightmare! I had to finally file a complaint with my credit card company. I got the second bike the next day but have not opened the box yet. I 'll keep everyone up to date.
Hello, I'm in the same situation as you! I purchased a Nomad 1 and it arrived with a bad front fork, the suspension was clunking and leaking oil out of the box. First I was told that they'd send me a replacement front fork and they're reimburse installation at a bike shop. This is obviously a manufacturing defect and I told them I wanted a replacement. I received an email stating that a replacement was approved and I would get a return shipping label to send it back. That never happened!!!! Now they're saying it takes 5 days to get a shipping label and I have to take it to a bike shop & pay them to package it and they will reimburse me. 😂 Do you think I believe them. Velotric = scam artists . I will be taking your route with my credit card company. I'm grateful for finding your post.
The best thing to do is spread the word on line like this. Also look to see if they have a facebook page and make comments there also. Todays world of info and how fast it spreads is a big plus for consumers, bad or good for companies and things spread fast. Sooner or later it will catch up to bad business models and if they fail in the long run, its on them and they deserve to fail.
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