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Any Ebike Events or Events Where Ebikes Are Included?
Looking for group recreational rides this Spring/ Summer in or near near Maryland. Seasoned bike rider/ new to ebikes.
(02-27-2022, 03:51 PM)Lambanlaa Wrote:  Looking for group recreational rides this Spring/ Summer in or near near Maryland. Seasoned bike rider/ new to ebikes.

Many recreational club rides do not mind ebikes since they are not competition based. I would avoid serious goup rides that are more focused on training than recreation. Regarding non-competitive sponsored rides where an entry fee is required I would inquire with the organizers and see if they allow ebikes. I would assume that if you are willing to pay and follow the same rules and etiquette as non-motorized participants that there would not be a problem; though not much in the way of bragging rights if you wear the event T-shirt. Still, charity based events need participants because that means money. Perhaps you contact your local bike clubs and see if they have something already or are willing to start an ebike ride. You can also try to organize via sites like this one by putting out the call for local riders to join up at a specific time and place; it seems to work for many more impromptu events. You just need to get the word out, show up and see what happens. It may take a couples weeks, but you may just get a good following from others looking for the same thing as yourself.
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"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS
I'm shopping and looking to try different bikes in the southern New Hampshire area.
Any eBike-specific gatherings to share experiences / test rides?
More specifically... I'd like to try a folding bike like "Lectric 2.0".

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