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Your Children and Cycling
So do your kids share your love of bikes? I have (as of today) a 1 year old. He was a newyears baby.

Here is a pic of him on his first bike. No tricycles here, we are starting with a Strider.


Sorry for the bad pic, I took it with my blackberry.
Awwww cute. I think I better watch out he looks like fast rider Wink .
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Yeah, he's a fun little guy. I don't want to push him into anything, but I'll definitely make cycling available to him whenever possible. He is a quarter of an inch away from riding his strider. I have the seat as low as it'll go right now, and he's on his toes. For the strider to work, he needs to be able to ride flat footed.
He looks like is is telling us to move out of his way. I have three grand kids. All but one can ride there bicycle but give him time and he will be with us as well. Your little boy is cute for sure just keep in in site at all times. I do my grand kids. Kids are so much fun wish I was a kids again the things I would do now days.:-)
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.
It was tough getting him used to his helmet, Anytime I put it on him I have to have mine on, otherwise he tries to take it off. I guess when he see's me with a helmet on he thinks it's ok.
Same with my best friend's daughter... Even when we are walking and she is on her strider, but hey, if it convinces her to put on the helmet that's ok with me.
That's Great. I can't wait until my son can ride it on his own, he's getting very close, maybe another month or so.
My two ornerys with my bike; we haven't gotten a group shot with all our bikes yet.

My daughter, 12, rides a big-box 26" that I've upgraded; when she stops growing, if she's still interested, she'll get a premium bike, maybe for sweet 16.

My nephew is coming up on 7 (end of this week!), and rides my daughter's old 20", since repainted for him.

Both, like mine, are full-suss, multi-speed, fat tire bikes. We wear helmets, I teach road awareness and safety, they teach how much fun it is to do this!
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I've been practicing with him every other day. He is getting the hang of it. He doesn't really coast yet. He just sort of walks it around. He's getting there.

We also just found out we are having another baby. And its going to be a BOY. So I'll have to get another WalkBike sometime next year. I saw that Specialized makes one called a Hotwalk. Might have to upgrade my little guy.
Congratulations, Jordan!
So my son is still working at the strider. He is very unsure of himself on it and has discovered he likes riding that trike in the background.
Before someone asks, Yes, he has three different helmets. I keep buying them when I find them. You can't turn down a helmet for $1.
I'm sure you know how to inspect the helmet for safety stuff, etc lol. Anyways he looks like he is ready to ride Smile . Your doing great job of raising him Jordan ! Reason I said something about used helmets is because I almost got one for a real cheap price and noticed it had a very fine almost unnoticeable crack in it, and told the lady it wasn't safe to use. That was about one month ago and after I showed her she threw it away. Again I'm sure you are smart enough to know that. Glad to see him growing up so fast.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
my kids love of bikes is what brought me back into it again. or maybe it was the midlife crisis, anyhow, we ride & wrench together.
Get on your bad pedalscooter and ride!

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