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Having posted this question elsewhere I was referred to this forum-I have a road bike currently outfitted with a 44cm wide set of carbon handlebars that, because of the flare at the center of them, I cannot put clip-on aero bars onto. I have found another excellent pair of handlebars for sale for a reasonable price that are aero bar compliant, but that are only 40cm wide. Will that 4cm really make much of a difference if I am to buy them? I have looked this up a bit and asked around, but I live in a very rural area where I wasn't able to get much of an answer, and beliefs online go back and forth a bit. Is there anything I can really do besides driving a few hours and paying a couple hundred bucks to get fitted in order to figure this out? Thank you!
(11-20-2020, 07:38 PM)Chizzuck Wrote:  Hello!

Will that 4cm really make much of a difference if I am to buy them?

I think that it is a little more of a preference issue. Would you feel comfortable with the narrower spread? Is 44 cm your normal width? You'd be reducing about 3/4" to each side. Personally I like a narrower bar (38cm, even junior at 36cm just not much drop on those) since I don't care much for aero bars (older guy, older back, less flexible than I used to be). A narrow drop or bullhorn gives me a more aero dynamic profile, granted not as much as aero bars, and is a more comfortable posture for me. If you'd primarily be riding using the aero bars then I don't think it would be an issue. Try getting some riding time on a narrower set-up if possible to see how it feels. On a bike I use more for climbing out of the saddle I prefer a wider bar (40-42cm).
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