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Back wheel stopped clicking

When i walk alongside my bike the back wheel doesn't click and the pedals go round

Also, when i freewheel the chain backs up and the bottom part of the derailer pulls forward.

as you can tell i'm a novice but i'm pretty sure these problems are related any help would be greatly appreciated

Mike R
Welcome, that sounds like your 1. Your Freewheel/Cassette is in need of replacing 2. Chain may need replaced. 3. Not sure of this, but the derailleur may need adjusted/lubed.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Sounds like the freewheel / freehub has seized? The pawls have rusted / jammed.
Try squirting some release oil into it.

But before that, check that nothing has got jammed behind the big sprocket and the wheel spokes.
Some cloth or string etc?
Ride hard or ride home alone!

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