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Bike front rim question replacement
Hey everyone i have question about replacing the front rim of my bike

I recently learning to ride a bike and had rough crashing and now i messed up the rim. I think its the rim since it getting caught in the brakes and stopping the bike and when i spin it, it no longer spins freely. I having a difficult time purchasing a replacement since im unsure of replacing bike rims and tires.

The bike at hand https://bikeindex.org/bikes/96237
Bike Rim/Wheel at hand https://imgur.com/gallery/572QNRe

I appreciate anyone who helps

thank you all
For the money, you would be better off to buy another new bike like that, leave the front wheel on it and ride the new one. then you have all the parts you need for your new one except for a front wheel. or spend $30 for just a front wheel
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