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Axle replacement on exercise bike
Hi All,

The axle of my exercise bike (Colima Pro by Horizon fitness) broke into two recently. I'm attaching some pictures of the bike, to show it's current state. In image#..481, I have marked the broken area.

I received the replacement axle from the manufacturer, but have gotten stuck in removing the current axle. At this stage, I'm not really sure as to how to dismantle it and am looking for some kind assistance.

This is the owner's guide of the bike.'sGuideColimaPro.pdf

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you!
Best guess: remove belt (67) in the diagram from the wheel (64); remove items (60) and (59); then you should be able to pull the wheel out the side, with the axle coming with it.
Thanks a lot for your kind response.

I was able to remove the belt and by removing 57/58, I was able to get 64 out.
However I'm short of ideas with respect to the right tools to be used to get 59 & 60 out. I would be grateful, if you have any hints on this.

FYI - When I looked at the replacement axle, I noticed a groove on the longer side of the axle. This is the exact location where the original axle snapped. If the groove was designed to keep the spacer etc in place, that mechanism is now gone

Thank you for your time.
60 is a washer/spacer that appears to go outside of 59 to protect it. 59 is a snap ring, which goes in the groove. You need snap ring pliers to remove and install snap rings; like these:

Once 59 is removed, you should be able to slide the axle out towards the side 64 was mounted on.
Thanks a lot, Nigel! I sincerely appreciate your assistance.

I'll head out to the hardware store tomorrow & pick up snap ring pliers. I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks again & enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

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