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Just got my bike fixed up, looking for a plan to get back into riding.

I just got my bike fixed up and back into riding shape. I how ever will take some time to get there. So far I have done two 1.5 mile rides that have really taken it out of me. I guess what I am looking for is a suggestion on how to train to get to the small higher numbers, say a 5 mile ride or maybe even 10 miles. I can find a large number of guides to get to large numbers, such as training for that century or your next cross country trip but I am starting basically at zero here.

I am wondering should I ride a bit everyday. Should I have rest days. How much should I push myself each new day.

Thanks in advance.
Hello, Keaton!
David from BikeRide community shared a comment via Facebook:

"I would start going every other day (weather depending) and just add a little more distance each time maybe 1/2 mile until you feel more confident and can manage easily then change to daily and stick to 5 miles then 10 , 15 , etc etc. I did it, i’m now at 60 miles for 5 days and 2 rest days"
Step by step. Day by Day.
I have an unwritten rule after a longer break off-the-bike: seven bike rides within 14 days and I start feeling more comfortable, getting into "my real shape". What I will advise here, start small and be consistent. You will build your cycling form incrementally. Do five 5mile rides within a week, take two days off for some rest. Do four or five 7mile rides next week and so on.
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