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Just got my bike fixed up, looking for a plan to get back into riding.

I just got my bike fixed up and back into riding shape. I how ever will take some time to get there. So far I have done two 1.5 mile rides that have really taken it out of me. I guess what I am looking for is a suggestion on how to train to get to the small higher numbers, say a 5 mile ride or maybe even 10 miles. I can find a large number of guides to get to large numbers, such as training for that century or your next cross country trip but I am starting basically at zero here.

I am wondering should I ride a bit everyday. Should I have rest days. How much should I push myself each new day.

Thanks in advance.
Hello, Keaton!
David from BikeRide community shared a comment via Facebook:

"I would start going every other day (weather depending) and just add a little more distance each time maybe 1/2 mile until you feel more confident and can manage easily then change to daily and stick to 5 miles then 10 , 15 , etc etc. I did it, i’m now at 60 miles for 5 days and 2 rest days"
Step by step. Day by Day.
I have an unwritten rule after a longer break off-the-bike: seven bike rides within 14 days and I start feeling more comfortable, getting into "my real shape". What I will advise here, start small and be consistent. You will build your cycling form incrementally. Do five 5mile rides within a week, take two days off for some rest. Do four or five 7mile rides next week and so on.
"Carbon is faster"
I’d have to agree with the comments above as far as it goes with starting slowly but surely. But for me the biggest motivator and the most fun, is to find a ride you’re stoked to do. So say you’ve only done a few 2 milers but you find a 5 mile route in your area that looks really cool and you want to do it, go for it and even if you have to take a bunch of breaks just have fun and take your time. If you keep doing that before you know it a 5 or 10 mile ride will be nothing 🤘🏼
First of all, this is a great step for your fitness and strengthening your leg muscles, and building endurance.

NOW, You need two things. Bike and your commitment.

Bike: I know you've just overhauled and tuned it. But is it suitable for long rides, which you are eventually aiming for? For now, I would say start with a comfortable saddle and reliable brakes. If you can get your bike fit checked as well. Gradually start upgrading to aero bars, lowered riding postures etc. I am sure, you can find many guides to this. But since this is way ahead down your road, just focus on saddle and posture.

Commitment: As a beginner, it is essential to start slowly and gradually increase the distance and duration of your rides. Start by cycling for 30 minutes to an hour at a comfortable pace, 3 - 4 times in a week. As your fitness improves, you can increase the duration and intensity of your rides. Try maintaining a steady pedaling cadence, keeping your upper body relaxed, and using your core muscles to support the back. Diet and fuel are another factor, but you should have the liberty at this as a beginner. I'll leave this for another person. Maybe they can better answer this part.
Stay at it and join some endurance cycling groups to develop activities.
Your body will tell you. When it is really a struggle to go further, you will know. If it is really a struggle to go riding the next day, you will know.

I often do a shorter ride, when I have little energy the day after a long ride.

I encourage everybody to put in the effort.

There was a time when I was exhausted in one minute. I have now done several rides of over 100 km in a day. It has taken years to improve my fitness to that level. I am still trying to improve my fitness.

Diet is also important.

I believe it will result in living longer.
Hello Keaton, please let us know how your biking has been off late. Instead of going out with a specific number in mind, how about trying to see where the wind takes you? This is especially true if the weather and routes are great/fun. Or riding with a friend or a buddy. They take away a lot of pain and let you forget how far you have ridden.

Regardless, let us know how's it going with you and biking..;-)

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