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3 a.m Chain Speed Thoughts
Occasionally, around 3 a.m. I wake up and start to think. This morning something occurred to me about chain speed. If the top of a chain is moving at 2 mph, then it follows that the bottom of the chain is also moving at 2 mph but in the opposite direction.

Now if the bike is moving forward at 10 mph, then the top of the chain, relative to a fixed point behind the bike, is moving at 12 mph. Bike speed plus top of chain speed.

If this is true, then the bottom of the chain which is moving in the opposite direction toward the back of the bike, and moving relative to the same fixed point behind the bike, is moving forward at 8 mph. Bike speed minus bottom chain speed.

Therefore, the top of the chain is moving at 4 mph faster than the bottom of the chain.

What kept me awake for the rest of the night was trying to figure out if this is true or not.

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If I knew how to ride a bike properly, I'd do it every time.
I guess unless you are approaching higher speeds your calculations work. No need for special relativity theory in this case.... (though that would come up with very similar numbers at low speeds)

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