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bike commute backpack
Can you please suggest few brands for commuting backpacks? It has to look nice & stylish and fit 16" mac. Thanks
What's your budget?
Merida Scultura 5000 (2015)
Merida Big Nine 400 (2019)
Under $100 would be perfect.
But I am willing to splash more with quality product.
Do you have something on your mind?
2 Wheel Gear has nice, practical & top quality pannier backpacks. You can easily convert them backpack <--> pannier. Those backpacks however cost from $149 to $179. I'd say that it's worth the price tag though. Or do you want a simple backpack?
Merida Scultura 5000 (2015)
Merida Big Nine 400 (2019)
At first, simple backpack (waterproof and blah blah) was the plan but you and few other articles made me reconsider.
Only downside - I do not have a rear mount bike rack nor front one. In that case
I might have to start with buying a rack Big Grin
Do you have a fixie or other type of bike?

You can also take a look at bags that have handlebar mount. I personally have never had one and have some doubts about the stability aspect considering weight distribution on the handlebar. How it affects steering etc.
Merida Scultura 5000 (2015)
Merida Big Nine 400 (2019)
urban bike with dropbars, but I gave thought and def wouldn't want to add carrier.
Handlebar bags seem bit odd to be frank but still it's an option to consider.
Aren't they intended more for touring?
Yes, I've seen handlebar bags mostly on touring bikes, but it doesn't mean that bike commuters don't use them. How about this one? Should be a close fit for 16" mac, 20L capacity. It's even presented as "bike commuting bag". There's also a video in the description.

Merida Scultura 5000 (2015)
Merida Big Nine 400 (2019)
cool thanks. I will look into that in a day or few, currently on the road.
Thumbs up, keep me updated!
Merida Scultura 5000 (2015)
Merida Big Nine 400 (2019)

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