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New wheels for 1984 Bianchi nuovo
Hi, I posted this on reddit and got the suggestion to come to the experts here instead so here I am Smile

I recently had my front wheel of my vintage Bianchi stolen. First I was looking to just replace the front wheel but since the rear wheel is pretty old as well I'm thinking I might just change them both and at the same time size up from 23mm to 25mm for a little extra confort Smile

Does anyone have any suggestions on good wheels for a bike like this? I don't want to spend ridiculous money on the wheels (I'm just commuting anyway) and was looking at Shimano R501 but I'm not sure they will fit my 6 cog and also I think the width is different.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Also if you know of places that would sell wheels that fit that would probably be even better.

Thanks in advance!

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Hej Mattias! Hvordan går det? Ah I feel you man! I had my both wheels stolen one night https://forums.bikeride.com/thread-6112.html. Money was tight. Student days you know. I was lucky to find old front wheel with Hutchinson tires in the attic of our student apartment. Then I got lightly used rear wheel with Michelin tires for 25 eur or roughly 28 usd. It even did not have enough cogs. I had to be careful with shifting into the smallest cog. 7 speed for 8/9 speed shifting.

Anyways, enough of this. How much do you want to spend on wheel set? What is your derailleur setup?

Btw, love the look of your bike! Everything besides the pedals to be frank Big Grin
aiming for brand new or slightly used ones are also accepted? perhaps @Painkiller has an advice to share. what is the rear spacing?
(01-17-2020, 08:35 PM)Papa Dom Wrote:  aiming for brand new or slightly used ones are also accepted? perhaps @Painkiller has an advice to share. what is the rear spacing?
Looks like a post and run to me Papa, But yes, need more info and better close up pics of hub and how many holes, rim brand/model, freewheel or cassette, rear spacing. going to 25c from 23c should not be a problem.
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